Installing OBIEE 11g on Windows XP

I recently installed OBIEE 11g on a Windows XP box.  I followed instructions I found on the Blog site … thank you Shahed Munir.

I would like to add some details to 2 of the steps, in case it helps clarify those steps for others:


– The detailed instructions I got from Shahed’s blog can be found here …


– And the details I would like to add are below …

1. Step 4 (Install Oracle Database 11g). 

Download your Oracle database software to, and run from, a directory without spaces. 

If you get an error such as …

“Windows cannot find ‘C:\Documents’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. ….”

then you have downloaded and are trying to run the RCU from a directory under ‘C:\Documents and Settings\…’ (for example)

As mentioned above, download to and install from a directory such as ‘C:\Oracle_rcu\…’ (no spaces)

2. In Step 7 (Create RCU Repository), it does not specify how to run the RCU.  Go to the [Extract Directory]\rcuHome\Bin and run rcu.bat from there  -or-  run it from a command prompt …

for example … C:\[Extract Directory]\rcuHome\Bin\> rcu.bat

3. If you get an error in Step 7, verify that the following services have been started and try again:

  • OracleServiceORCL
  • OracleOraDb11g_home1ClrAgent
  • OracleOraDb11g_home1TNSListener


The entire install process took about 90 minutes.  Good luck!


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