Oracle BI 11g Architecture Diagram with Descriptions

Oracle BI 11g Architecture Diagram with Descriptions

Oracle BI 11g Fusion Middleware Architecture Diagram with Descriptions

The main reason for this post is to share the above Oracle BI 11g Architecture diagram that includes notes about each component, but I will also add a few other notes about the Oracle BI Architecture…

The above diagram, which can be considered as the Overall Oracle BI Domain, provides a brief description of each component (click it to enlarge) but I will mention a few other things here.

The WebLogic Admin Console running on the WebLogic Administration Server is used to start the WebLogic Managed Server. Once you start the WebLogic Managed Server, it will typically autostart the Java Components and the System Components. However, the components can be started/stopped individually via Fusion Middleware Control.

The WebLogic Server, which is a Java-based application server, manages all the Oracle BI Java components.  And OPMN (Oracle Process Management & Notification) process manages the non-Java components called Oracle BI System Components.  Both the Java and non-Java components (System Components) can be managed via the Fusion Middleware Control interface. 

Interact with the Java components in Fusion Middleware Control under bifoundation_domain -> bi_server1.  Interact with the System Components in Fusion Middleware Control under Business Intelligence -> coreapplication.


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