How to hide the Refresh, ‘Printer Friendly’ and ‘Add to Briefing Book’ Icons at the bottom of a dashboard page in OBIEE 10g

I was recently asked to completely remove or hide, from a particular page, the ‘Refresh’, ‘Printer Friendly’ and ‘Add to Briefing Book’ icons that automatically show up at the bottom of the OBIEE dashboard page in OBIEE 10g.


I had never had the need to do this before, so I did a search and thankfully I quickly found the solution here …

For your convenience, I will reiterate the solution here …

1. Edit Dashboard

2. Add a Text box object into the Dashboard Page

3. Add the following script to the Text Properties

<script type=”text/javascript”>
function RemoveDefaults() {
var tds = document.getElementsByTagName(‘span’);
for (var td = 0; td < tds.length; td++) {
if (tds[td].className != ‘DashboardFormatLinks’) {
tds[td].innerHTML = “&nbsp”;
window.onload = RemoveDefaults;

4. Check the option ” Contains HTML Markup “

5. Save the changes and view the Dashboard Page, the icons for Refresh, Printer Friendly & Add Briefing Book Options are hidden for that specific Dashboard Page alone


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