Setting up Putty to display screens on your desktop for installing or upgrading OBIEE 11g on Linux

When you attempt to run the RCU (Repository Creation Utility) or UA (Upgrade Assistant) scripts from your desktop/laptop using Putty for an OBIEE install or upgrade on a Linux server, you may get the following error …

UPGAST-00107: The DISPLAY environment variable is not set. The graphical user interface (GUI) requires that this environment variable be set on UNIX.

If you get this error, this post may help you to solve it.  You need to do some configuration in Putty.

Open Putty.


Select the server that you want to configure from your list of servers. You will notice that the values get populated into the fields.


Expand SSH, the select X11.   Then Check “Enable X11 forwarding” checkbox, and enter “localhost:0.0” in the X display location box.


Do not click open at this point.

Go back up and click on Session in the left menu.

And then Save.

However, before you connect using Putty, you should run Xming.

Start -> All Programs -> Xming -> Xming

[If you do not have Xming, you can download it for free, then install it.]


Now when you open Putty and connect to your server, you should be able to run the install or upgrade processes and see the wizard screens for each step, for example …

>  ./ua   (run the UA script, then the wizard screen will appear)



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