Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) List of Flexfields

This post is simply a table listing of the Key Flexfields (KFFs) in Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) (aka Oracle Applications). The table contains the flexfields, along with their Code, Owning Application and base table. 

Flexfields are commonly used in OBIEE reporting for EBS source systems. Flexfields are also an integral part of the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse (OBAW) data model. It is worthwhile to be familiar with them.

  Name Code Owning Application Table Name
1 Account Aliases MDSP Oracle Inventory MTL_GENERIC_DISPOSITIONS
2 Accounting Flexfield GL# Oracle General Ledger GL_CODE_COMBINATIONS
3 Activity Flexfield FEAC Enterprise Performance Foundation  
4 AHL Route AHLR Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul  
5 Asset Key Flexfield KEY# Oracle Assets FA_ASSET_KEYWORDS
6 Bank Details KeyFlexField BANK Oracle Payroll PAY_EXTERNAL_ACCOUNTS
7 CAGR Flexfield CAGR Oracle Human Resources  
8 Category Flexfield CAT# Oracle Assets FA_CATEGORIES
9 Competence Flexfield CMP Oracle Human Resources  
10 Cost Allocation Flexfield COST Oracle Payroll PAY_COST_ALLOCATION_KEYFLEX
11 Grade Flexfield GRD Oracle Human Resources PER_GRADE_DEFINITIONS
12 Item Catalogs MICG Oracle Inventory MTL_ITEM_CATALOG_GROUPS
13 Item Categories MCAT Oracle Inventory MTL_CATEGORIES
14 Job Flexfield JOB Oracle Human Resources PER_JOB_DEFINITIONS
15 Location Flexfield LOC# Oracle Assets FA_LOCATIONS
16 Oracle Service Item Flexfield SERV Oracle Inventory MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS
17 People Group Flexfield GRP Oracle Payroll PAY_PEOPLE_GROUPS
18 Personal Analysis Flexfield PEA Oracle Human Resources PER_ANALYSIS_CRITERIA
19 Position Flexfield POS Oracle Human Resources PER_POSITION_DEFINITIONS
20 Public Sector Budgeting BPS Oracle Public Sector Budgeting  
21 Sales Orders MKTS Oracle Inventory SALES_ORDER_ID
22 Sales Tax Location Flexfield RLOC Oracle Receivables AR_LOCATION_COMBINATIONS
23 Soft Coded KeyFlexfield SCL Oracle Human Resources HR_SOFT_CODING_KEYFLEX
24 Stock Locators MTLL Oracle Inventory MTL_ITEM_LOCATIONS
25 System Items MSTK Oracle Inventory MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS
26 Territory Flexfield CT# Oracle Receivables RA_TERRITORIES
27 Training Resources RES Oracle Learning Management  

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