Workaround for installing OBIEE10g on Windows7

It has been a while since I have had to install OBIEE 10g.  But recently I needed to install it on a Windows 7 laptop.

When installing OBIEE 10g on Windows 7, you may run into the following error.  This post may help you to get around this issue.


The error reads:
Oracle Business Intelligence is not supported on this Windows version. Oracle Business Intelligence is only supported on Windows XP x86, Windows 2003 x86, Windows 2003 AMD64, Windows 2003 EM64T, Windows Vista x86, Windows Vista AMD64, Windows Vista EM64T, and Windows 2000 x86.

There is a workaround that will allow you to complete the install. Please follow these steps:

– From within Windows Explorer, right-click the setup.exe file and choose Properties. 
– Select the Compatability tab, and go to the “Compatability mode” section.
– Check the check-box beside “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”
– And select “Windows Vista” from the drop down box.
– Save your change and then re-run the setup.exe program.

This time you should get past where you encountered the previous message that prevented you from installing the software.


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