Windows command to find equivalent directory name without space

You may occasionally run into an issue with OBIEE where it cannot locate the Java directories or files.  This is usually because Java has been installed in its default location under “C:\Program Files\…”.  This post may be helpful in resolving this issue.

At times, some OBIEE processes or programs do not like the spaces in directory or file names.  So, for example, you may get an error because the program does not locate the files under the “C:\Program Files\…” directory (due to the space in the name).

To resolve this, you will need to update the necessary Environment Variables to use the no-space equivalent of the windows directory.  To find the equivalent no-space name,  from your windows command prompt, go to the relevant directory (for example … cd C:\) and enter … dir /X (as shown below).


Notice to the left of the regular directory name, there is another no-space name.  For example, “Program Files” has a no-space equivalent of PROGRA~1.

Now update all the relevant OBIEE related Environment Variables to use this no-space name instead of the regular name (see example below).



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