Oracle Peoplesoft Accounts Payable Data model and dataflow

This is a simplified Peoplesoft Accounts Payable data flow and data model. The purpose is to provide a basic understanding of the key tables and how data flows through the module.  Understanding the key tables and the data flow is helpful when creating metrics and reports in tools such as OBIEE or when working with OBIA Financial Analytics, and particularly, with the Accounts Payable dashboard, reports and metrics.

When a voucher is created, the information is recorded in the VOUCHER, VOUCHER_LINE and DISTRIB_LINE tables. 

When payments are created for the vouchers, the information is recorded in the PAYMENT_TBL and PYMNT_VCHR_XREF tables.  The PYMNT_VCHR_XREF table provides a bridge between voucher and payment tables.

When a voucher is posted and when a payment is posted, accounting entries are generated and recorded in VCHR_ACCTG_LINE.

Payments are of course made to vendors.  Vendor primary information is stored in the VENDOR table, but there are many more vendor related tables.


Accounts Payable key table descriptions

VOUCHER AP Voucher Header Table. This Table provides the Invoice Header Information and the Accounting Information as displayed on the Voucher. Budget Checking Exceptions can also be identified on this table.
VOUCHER_LINE AP Voucher Line Table. This Table provides the individual line information for each invoice including description, quantity, unit of measure, unit amount, and extended amount. You can have multiple VOUCHER_LINE to each VOUCHER.
DISTRIB_LINE AP Voucher Distribution Table. This Table provides the Invoice accounting line distribution detail. Budget Checking Exceptions can also be identified on this table. You can have multiple DISTRIB_LINE to each VOUCHER_LINE.
VCHR_ACCTG_LINE AP Accounting Entries. This Table contains all transactions that are journal generated.
PYMNT_VCHR_XREF Voucher Scheduled Payment Table. This Table is often used as a link between the Voucher and the Payment Tables.
PAYMENT_TBL AP Disbursements Table. The Primary Table that the Payments are recorded against at time of the PayCycle Manager.
PYMNT_XREF_VW AP Payment Voucher Information. The View is designed to link the Voucher ID with the Payment Reference.
VENDOR Vendor Header Table. This Table represents the high-level Header information related to a specific vendor.
VENDOR_ADDR Vendor Address Table
VNDR_ADDR_PHN Vendor Address Phone Table
VENDOR_LOC Vendor Location Table
VENDOR_CNTCT Vendor Contact Detail Table
VENDOR_PAY Vendor Payment Defaults
VENDOR_WTHD Vendor Withholding Table
VENDOR_WTHD_JUR Vendor Withholding Jurisdiction Table

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