Direct Links to various OBIEE User and Administration Presentation functions

These are some direct links to various OBIEE User and Administration functions.  These can be useful to know for efficiency and at times can also be useful for debugging security.

To go directly to “Home Page”

To go directly to “Dashboard”

To go directly to “Manage Privileges”

To go directly to “Manage Catalog Groups”

To go directly to “Manage Sessions”

To go directly to “Manage Agent Sessions”

To go directly to “Issue SQL”

To go directly to “Manage Map Data”

To go directly to “Manage BI Publisher”


4 Responses to Direct Links to various OBIEE User and Administration Presentation functions

  1. Victor Herreros says:

    Interesting reference, indeed!

    Do you know if there is any way to obtain a direct link to a certain catalog folder under OBIEE 12c? I know about links to dashboards, but I’d like to get a link for referencing catalog folders, not dashboards inside those folders.

    For instance, if creating a custom home page, the URL

    ../analytics/saw.dll?dashboard&PortalPath=%2Fshared%2FWelcome%2F_portal%2FWelcome to BI

    would directly link to ‘Welcome to BI’ dashboard inside ‘shared folders/Welcome’ path, but in my case I want the direct link to the ‘Welcome’ folder, not to any dashboard contained within.

    The reason behind is that I’ve created a folder inside the catalog and I’ve uploaded PDF user guides and documents there and I want my users to access that folder from an external web page.


  2. Victor Herreros says:

    Just googling around I’ve found a workaround (see Construct a dashboard with a ‘link or image view’, add a caption text and select URL as destination. The URL will be something like


    So I only have to reference that new dashboard from my custom HTML home page.

    I haven’t tested this solution yet. But I’m still interested in direct links to PDF files inside the catalog, Maybe as simple as the URL I’ve writen before?

  3. Victor Herreros says:

    Solution tested and failed.

    The above link points directly to the PDF file, but I don’t want to point to a file but to a catalog folder. Of course, the same URL removing the final part (PDF file name) doesn’t work.

    As for the dashboard with ‘link or image view’ workaround, when using ‘simple’ URLs as ‘’ it works properly, but when using URLs as the one stated before, when saving the ‘link or image’ view it throws an error:

    ‘Script Injection Suspected’

    and doesn’t allow to save it. It seems OBIEE doesn’t allow to URL reference to itself.


  4. Victor Herreros says:

    Almost solved: to put an URL inside a ‘text or image’ view it must not contain special characters. So replaciong ‘(‘, ‘)’and ‘.’ by its HTML counterparts makes (see the link be ‘approved’ by OBIEE.

    So the final URL is:

    But this is for the dashboard workaround. I’m still looking for a catalog folder direct link…

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