QlikView vs. Qlik Sense

What is the difference between QlikView and Qlik Sense?  QlikView and Qlik Sense are both business intelligence platforms from the same company (Qlik), but are different products. Qlik Sense is not just a new version or release of QlikView.

The below table shows the differences and similarities between the 2 products:

QlikView Qlik Sense
First version released in 1996 First version released in 2014

Data Discovery

Same analysis/calculation engine – scripts and formulas will mostly work between the 2 platforms

Same green-gray-white (included-excluded) functionality

Both products/platforms will be enhanced and supported for the foreseeable future

Guided Analytics – drill-down and drill-through

Self-service data analytics and visualization

Dashboards and analytics/reports built by developers and pre-canned and configured for flexible user interaction Metadata for reporting developed by developers, and users create analytics
Users typically do not have the ability to create new analysis, but use the various features built to slice and dice the data. Users slice and dice the data in any creative manner that they see fit.
Open APIs allow for embedding Qlik Sense into website and other applications, and also for extending the application.
Cutting edge web interface – Responsive web interface – adapt to different screen sizes – from PC to tablet to phones – on any HTML5-compatible browser
Collaboration and story telling
Extensive Pixel-perfect formatting options

Which is better?  It depends.

If you have a user base and business needs that require answers to specific questions, without the need for user self-service BI, then QlikView is a good option.  Also, for very high control over all features of the visualizations you create, QlikView is the better choice.

However, if you have a sophisticated user base that desires to create their own analyses and business needs are more toward data discovery, then Qlik Sense is a good option.  Also, if you plan to or would like to make analytics available on all kinds of devices, then Qlik Sense is the way to go due to the responsive web design interface.

Of course, there will be other factors such as cost, and available resources and skills within the BI Team and supporting teams.  As with any software choice, a full analysis of the options and how they best meet the requirements is needed.


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