Qlik Sense Error on startup – The service did not respond or could not process the request

If you start the desktop version of Qlik Sense and get the following error message, this post might be helpful in resolving.

An error occurred.  The service did not respond or could not process the request.

I ran into this error.  After doing a few searches to try to find the reason for this error, it turns out that this was a result of not having internet connectivity, and Qlik Sense 3.0 requires network connectivity.

To resolve, you can try again once you are somewhere that you have an internet/network connection, or you can create a loopback adapter, which will make Qlik Sense always have a network to connect to.

The following steps through how to install the loopback adapter on Windows 7.

Click the Windows Start icon, and type hdwwiz into the Search box.

The wizard opens with the Add Hardware dialog …
Click Next.

Select “Install the hardware …” option, and click Next

Select “Network adapters” and click Next.

Select Microsoft (on the left), and then select Microsoft Loopback Adapter (on the right), and then click Next.

Click Next

Click Finish.  After installing, Qlik Sense should launch without a problem.



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