What is QlikView?

QlikView is a business intelligence platform.  It allows for quick development and deployment of business intelligence and analytics applications, and for easy consumption of those applications through the web by those authorized.

QlikView has a unique associative data model feature that allows for all of the data to be used for analysis without pre-defined drill-down or drill-through relationships.

QlikView also has an included-excluded type display feature (sometimes referred to with the phrase … the power of green-white-gray) that allows users to not only see what data is included in the selected set, but also see what data is not included, thereby enabling data discovery.

QlikView holds data for its applications in memory, which allows it to deliver results quickly without the need for pre-calculated / pre-aggregated cubes.

These features help to differentiate QlikView from other BI platforms, and are some of the reasons for its growth and its leadership position in the BI space.

You can learn more about QlikView and the company that creates this software, Qlik, by visiting the company’s website at:


QlikView Desktop Installation

In this post, I will go through the simple process of installing QlikView Desktop.

From the Qlik website (, navigate or search for the download.  Download the Free Personal Edition of QlikView. You will need to register to download.


Click the FREE DOWNLOAD button to download the software.QlikView_Installation_Download

After the download is complete, navigate to where you downloaded the software.  Double-click on the executable to run the program and start the install wizard, or in some cases, you may need to Right-click and select Run as administrator.


Choose your language and click OK.


The Install Wizard is prepared.


Click Next at the Welcome dialog.


Accept the license agreement and click Next.


Enter Name and Organization name.


Accept the default directory or choose / enter the directory to which QlikView should be installed. The example below shows a non-default directory selected.


Click Next to confirm the destination folder.


Choose Complete installation type (makes sense in most cases).


Click Install to start the installation


It’s Complete. Click Finish.


Go to the Windows Start menu and navigate to QlikView. Launch the program.


QlikView launches.


You have successfully installed QlikView and you are ready to get going. It’s that simple.