Qlik Sense Desktop Hub Overview

When you start Qlik Sense, it will open to the “hub” page. And you may also see a “Welcome…” dialog window.

qliksensedesktopwelcomedialog From the “Welcome …” window, you may click the “Create a new App” button to start the process of creating a new app, or click the “x” in the top-right to close the window.

Optionally, you may uncheck the “Show this dialog at startup” checkbox before closing it, if you do not want to show this window on each startup of Qlik Sense.  If this was unchecked previously, then this Welcome dialog would not have appeared.

Once you have closed the Welcome dialog, you  will then be in the main hub interface. Let’s take a look at it.


At the top left, you will see the Global Menu. From this menu you can access Help and About, and also access the Dev Hub.  The Global Menu expanded is shown below.


Below the Global Menu is the Apps area.  Here you will see the applications that have been created and saved.

At the bottom of the page, you will see a “Getting started…” button.  Clicking here will bring you to a Qlik Sense support page containing information and resources to help you get started with Qlik Sense.

To the right in the main area of the window, there is a “Create new app” button which you will use when you need to create a new app.

Then, there is an icon for sorting the apps alphabetically – ascending or descending.  Then, another pair of icons for organizing the display of the apps – either in grid format or in list format.

Above that (top-right), you will find the icon for Qlik Cloud, and another icon for Search.


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