The ways of adding data to your Qlik Sense application

This post covers the basics of navigation and selection for getting data into your Qlik Sense application.  More information about each option will be detailed in upcoming posts.

When you are working with a new app to which data has not yet been loaded, with the app open you can use the “Add data” or “Data load editor” icons shown below the app title area to initiate a data load.

Use the “Add data” icon to add data from a file, database, or Qlik DataMarket using the Quick Data Load (QDL) wizard.
Use the “Data load editor” (DLE) to load data from files or databases, and perform data transformation with data load scripts.

If your app already has data, the area below the app title area will contain existing Sheets, Bookmarks, and Stories.  But you will still be able to access the QDL and the DLE.

For the QDL wizard, you can access it from the Global Menu, and select the “Add data” menu item.

For the DLE, you can access it from the Navigation menu, and select the “Data load editor” menu item.

More details about what comes next will be in upcoming posts.


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