Dashboards with hidden pages behave strangely after upgrade to OBIEE 12c

After upgrading from OBIEE 11g to OBIEE 12c, some dashboards behaved strangely.  Things that were wrong include:

  • unable to edit the dashboard from the dashboard page
  • unable to see some of the dashboard pages / tabs
  • click on one tab and it takes you to another tab

It turns out that all the dashboards affected by this behavior were dashboards with hidden pages / tabs.

There is a workaround for this.  The workaround is – move all the hidden pages / tabs to be at the end of the list of dashboards pages in the dashboard properties view.  After doing this, the dashboard will work as expected.

There is also an Oracle patch for this bug.  It is Patch # 23511448.  As of the time of this post, it was still an interim patch and not yet a production patch.  From our perspective, the patch seems to have resolved the issue without causing any new issues.  However, since it’s still an interim patch, apply at your own risk.

Thanks for reading.


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