When Export to Excel (csv) in OBIEE 12c, rows are limited to 65000 (65K)

After upgrading to OBIEE 12c, you may have noticed that your downloads to Excel CSV files are now getting cut off at 65000 rows.  If you are experiencing this issue, this post may help.

In OBIEE 11g, there was a parameter (instanceconfig.xml parameter) called “DefaultRowsDisplayedInDownload” that controlled the number of rows downloadable to a CSV file.   So, if you had that set to a number higher than 65K, then you would have been able to download more than 65K rows in the past.

However, the parameter that now controls the number of rows downloadable to CSV in OBIEE 12c is “DefaultRowsDisplayedInDownloadCSV“.  You will need to set this parameter in the instanceconfig.xml file based on your needs.

This parameter DefaultRowsDisplayedInDownloadCSV is found within the <Table> section which may look something like this:

< DefaultRowsDisplayedInDelivery>1000000</DefaultRowsDisplayedInDelivery>
< DefaultRowsDisplayedInDownload>1000000</DefaultRowsDisplayedInDownload>
< MaxCells>10000000</MaxCells>
< MaxVisiblePages>50</MaxVisiblePages>
< MaxVisibleRows>1000000</MaxVisibleRows>
< MaxVisibleSections>100000</MaxVisibleSections>
< DefaultRowsDisplayed>100</DefaultRowsDisplayed>
< /Table>

As always, back up your files before making changes.  Then, change the parameter as needed, and restart OBIEE services.



Some workflows not showing in Informatica Workflow Monitor workflow run

If you run a lot of workflows and have noticed that you are not seeing some of the workflows in the Workflow Run window, this post may help.

Your workflows might be running, but you are not seeing some of them because you have exceeded the maximum number of workflow runs that will be stored in each of the folders.

In Informatica Workflow Monitor, change the “Maximum workflow runs per folder” property.  From Informatica Workflow Monitor, select the Tools -> Options menu item.


Then, change the “Maximum workflow runs per folder” to a number that is higher than the highest number of workflows that are run in your cycle for a given folder.


Save changes.  You will now see more workflows in the output after your next job cycle.


Work-around Solution for ORA-01792: maximum number of columns in a table or view is 1000

When you get this message …

Error message: Caused By: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-01792: maximum number of columns in a table or view is 1000


This may be a solution for you …

There is a workaround … set the “_fix_control” parameter to ‘17376322:OFF‘.

You can use one of the following statements to set the parameter:

alter session set "_fix_control" = '17376322:OFF';


alter system set "_fix_control" = '17376322:OFF';

More information can be found in the following Oracle Documents –  Doc ID 1956038.1 and Doc ID 1951689.1.