InfatoODI – Informatica to ODI conversion tool

We are currently in the process of upgrading Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) from version 7.9.6 to OBIA 11g.  Oracle has replaced Informatica as the data integration tool in the platform with it’s own tool, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI). This was a selfish, profit-driven move on Oracle’s part with no consideration for the impact on customers, but it is what it is.

Because of this, as a part of the upgrade to the new OBIA release, we need to convert all our hundreds of Informatica mappings to ODI.  As you can imagine, this is a lot of work.  We are getting help from a company that has developed a specialized conversion tool called InfatoODI, which converts Informatica mappings to ODI interfaces.

We are performing the conversions specifically for an OBIA application, but the tool can be used as a straight conversion tool for Informatica-to-ODI for any type of application.

We are in the beginning stages of the project, but early indications are that the tool will save us time, but I am not sure how significant as yet. I will post updates as we progress through the conversions with my experience and opinion of the tool.


3 Responses to InfatoODI – Informatica to ODI conversion tool

  1. Jade Global says:

    The Jade’s Infa2ODI has fine-tuned for OBIA as well as custom mappings conversion with minimal defects and manual work. The tool also has the “Bulk” conversion facility. To know more about Informatica to ODI migration visit

  2. Prat Mar says:


    Thanks for posting regarding this upgrade. We might have to do it as well. How has it been so far? Your insights will be invaluable and appreciated

  3. sreeni says:

    can i have information on the InfatoODI Tool, is this developed by you or someone else. have you completed your migration proejct?

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