Error downloading data to Excel in OBIEE 12c

If you get the error …

“There was an error processing your download. Please check with your administrator.”

… when Exporting / Downloading data from an analysis in OBIEE, then this post might be helpful.

In OBIEE, you have a few options for exporting / downloading data from an analysis / report as shown below. You can export / download to PDF, Excel 2007+, PowerPoint 2007+, Web Archive (.mht), or in CSV, Tab Delimited, or XML data formats.


If you are trying to download data from an analysis and get this error …


“There was an error processing your download. Please check with your administrator.”
then try the following fix. Note, you might find that you are able to download to CSV, but get the error when you try to download to Excel.

Edit the config.xml file
Located at the directory specified below (for OBIEE 12c):

FYI, this is the location of the config.xml file in OBIEE 11g

Locate the section and the parameter within that section. It may look like below, but there could be more or less parameters within the section than shown here.


Change the value of the InputStreamLimitInKB parameter to 0 as shown below…


Restart the OBIEE services and try your export again.

If it succeeds, then we know for sure that altering this parameter fixes it.
Setting the above parameter value to zero (0) means that there is no limit. So, you may now go back and modify the value to a number that is suitable for your environment, such as, 8192, 15384, 65536, etc.


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