How to run Catalog Manager in GUI mode from the Linux Server

OBIEE Catalog Manager can be accessed from a client tool on Windows or from a server side process.  There are times when it is required that you run the Catalog Manager in offline mode, and at those times you will be required to run it on the server.

Although there is a command line option for Catalog Manager, it is easier to work with it in a Graphical User Interface (GUI) mode and at times its necessary to use that mode.

Start Xming (or another X-Windows type tool) on your local PC or laptop. [This will allow the Linux screens to show up on your desktop when you run the shell script on the Linux server]

For more on Xming, visit

Connect to your Linux server from your desktop/laptop using Putty (or other tool).   Then go to the catalog manager directory:

cd [$FMW_HOME]/instances/instance1/bifoundation/OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent/coreapplication_obips1/catalogmanager


Start up Catalog Manager by running:    ./

This will start Catalog Manager, and it will be running on the Linux server, but the screens will be showing on your desktop/laptop.

From the main Catalog Manager window, you can then click on File –>Open Catalog


And then select the Type based on how you want to connect – Online or Offline mode.  Accessing Catalog Manager in this way is most likely needed when you need to connect in Online mode.

And then of course, you need to enter the URL – which is the full path to the catalog, for example:[$FMW_HOME]/instances/instance1/bifoundation/OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent/coreapplication_obips1/catalog/default

And enter the User and Password.


Assuming everything was entered correctly, you will be connected to the catalog.  You can then use the interface to browse the catalog and perform other tasks on catalog objects.


Good luck!


Changing the name of a Subject Area in OBIEE 10g (in preparation for upgrade to 11g)

This article shares a few steps for renaming a “Subject Area” in OBIEE 10g.  OBIEE 10g allowed leading spaces in Subject Area names. You may have done this to alter the sort order of your Subject Areas without using leading numbers. This would result in only a Warning message when you checked the repository’s consistency.  However, leading spaces in Subject Area names is not allowed in OBIEE 11g, and will result in an Error.

So, if you are upgrading to OBIEE 11g then you will need to change the Subject Area name(s) to remove leading spaces or you may need to change Subject Area name(s) for other reasons.

Here are a few steps to consider but I recommend that you perform these steps for one subject area first, confirm all is well, then repeat steps for all subject areas.

  1. Stop the Presentation Server.
  2. In the Oracle BI Administration Tool, manually rename the Subject Area(s) in the Presentation Layer (and remove the leading spaces if that was the reason for the rename).
  3. Log into Catalog Manager in online mode, and navigate to Tools –> XML Search and Replace
  4. Carefully set the text you would like to replace with the new text – but make sure the text string is unique enough so that you do not inadvertently changed text that you don’t want to change.  Repeat for each name change that is required.
  5. You may need to manually open your prompts in Answers to change the Subject Area names in the custom SQLs used to generate defaults and drop down lists.
  6. Restart the Presentation Server and test your changes.