Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g Certification Exam

Oracle has released an 11g version of the Oracle Business Intelligence certification Exam.  It is currently still a Beta exam – basically that means the exam is going through a test period – a normal process for new certification exams to help Oracle refine the questions, etc.

Since it is a Beta exam, it contains a lot more questions than a normal exam (120 – 150 questions vs approx 70 questions) but you are given more time to complete the exam (2.5 – 3 hours vs 1.5 hours).

And the cost is less ($50 vs $195 for the normal exam) – this is one reason to consider doing it during the Beta phase if you think you are ready.  The Beta period expires on August 18th, 2012. I think I am gonna to go for it.

You can get more details here – Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g Certification Exam (1Z1-591) details.

Good luck!